T'ai Chi

Tai Chi

The term ‘Tai Chi’ translates to ‘The Supreme Ultimate’, which seeks to describe the harmony or throughout unit of nature. The art of Tai Chi was designed embody this principle, and to promote that same harmony within our own systems. So, when performing Tai Chi. you are working towards moving as one integrated whole, rather than as collection of separate disconnected parts.

‘A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving’ ~ Tao Te Ching

About Tai Chi Practice

Originally developed as a Martial Art in the 13th Century, today Tai Chi is best known for fighting stress. The system embodies the principles of Yin and Yang, which are the foundation of Chinese Medicine.

Learning Tai Chi consists of learning a long series of slow flowing movement, which focuses the mind, while conditioning the body. Tai Chi is often described as  a ‘Moving Meditation’ due to the bringing of your mind into the present moment, with the body.

The Tai Chi Chi Symbol

Commonly known as the Yin Yang Symbol, the Tai Chi Symbol shows the presence of two forces in everything. The important point to glean, however, is that although they appear to be opposing forces, they are really two expressions of one thing, that work together to maintain the harmony of the whole.

So, Tai Chi practice is to do with enacting this Tai Chi principle; to bring all levels of the the mind and body into into harmony, and provide a natural foundation for personal growth and development.

‘These two flow from the same source, though differently named’ ~ Tao Te Ching

Recognised Benefits of regular Tai Chi practice:

  • increased oxygen uptake
  • reduced blood pressure
  • increased bone density
  • increased strength and range of motion of joints
  • greater leg strength, knee strength, and flexibility
  • reduced levels of stress hormones
  • improved immune function
  • improved psychological well-being
  • reduced incidence of falls among the elderly

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