Kai Men Yoga

Kai Men Yoga

Kai Men means ‘Open Door’, and is a form of Taoist Yoga, designed to open up the body by increasing flexibility, opening the joints, elongating, untangling and aligning the muscles, as well as, re-balancing the muscle pairs, and improving your posture.

As the physical body ‘opens up’ and relaxes physically, the energetic pathways clear, leading to improved blood and energy circulation and improved health.

‘In gathering your vital energy to attain suppleness, have you reached the state of a new born babe?’ ~ Tao Te Ching

About the Kai Men Exercises

Kai Men is performed with a slow continuous even flow, and whilst some postures resemble Hatha Yoga, the way they are performed quite different.

Each K’ai Men exercise has two sections:

  • The Yin Section consists of a short ‘sequence’ of movements, co-ordinated with the breath.
  • The Yang Section is an ‘Extension’ of the ‘basic sequence’, which goes on to gently encourage the body to stretch further.

The Softly Gently Approach

In Kai men, the aim is to be fully engaged with the internal detail of every action, and to ‘open the door’ to the free flow of energy within the body.

With regular practice of these exercises, the more energy can flow freely, leading to better overall health and well being.

The Benefits of K’ai Men include:

  • increased range of movement
  • improved balance & coordination
  • improved posture & muscle tone
  • enhanced body functions
  • a more tranquil mind
  • and increased relaxation levels

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